Maintenance works for all types of injuries, damage, dismantling, installation and replacement of different parts of ships and pipes.

  • Alyam Company for Marine Services provides maintenance and deconstruction of various parts of marine parts such as small motors such as small motors to marine vessels from minor repairs such as replacement of cooling pipe refineries, corrosion resistance parts and protection collisions to the most important repairs such as fans, rivets, hydraulic pipes for marine parts and compressors, The maintenance process to the fullest and the provision of safety requirements for marine parts and personal safety supplies and also provides the company Yam Marine Services in cooperation with the company Juman Marine Services survival equipment The ships of all kinds and agencies on a global level.
    Here at Alyam Company for Marine Services we provide you with maintenance, periodic inspection, abrasion and underwater cleaning works for marine parts or fixed and mobile underwater sites, as well as providing and painting for marine parts and sites, providing special spare parts, as well as marine maintenance consultancy and engines from competent specialists With extensive experience in this field.