Our All Services 

Alyam Company Marine Services seeks to provide its services with confidence and determination to achieve the objectives and policies for which the company was founded and to compete in providing technical solutions and better services to our customers in scientific and civilized ways and under the rules and principles of international safety.

  • Training and Marine Qualifying .
  • planning and Preparing for recreational marine activities and water sports.
  • Photography works to estimate risks and injuries in the marine and underwater fields and services evaluation works.
  • Cleaning Hull Boat and Marine Bottom .
  • Maintenance of marine equipment and periodic inspection of diving equipment and fishing equipment .
  • The maintenance of Inflatable boats and the detection of the quality of its validity and provide maintenance requirements.
  •  Cleaning Hull Operation .
  • Repair jobs and underwater maintenance
  • Providing safety equipment for ships and naval crews.
  • Training and preparing maritime crews for safety procedures and aids.
  • Import of diving and fishing equipment
  • Supply of equipment, materials and spare parts required for the company’s fields of operation.
  • Supply of boats for the purpose of the company’s activities.
  • Provide all logistic services that complement the company’s activities.
  • Providing technical consultancy in the maritime field.
  • Providing catering services and all the needs of ships and marine units.