Freediving Guide and Safe Diving Techniques.


The guide to “Freediving and Safe Diving Techniques” is the first of its kind in Libya and the only one specialized in freediving , It includes all the information and exercises to increase the Breath Hold required by any person who is Trying to this sport, whether  beginner or professional. And its content is the result of previous experiences and scientific foundations in the field of freediving by the captain: Mohammed Sbeta.

The free diving course includes a free copy for each trainee as a reference to which you can refer to exercise and exercise review after the course is completed. You can also reserve your copy now for anyone outside the freediving course.

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The company offers professional courses and scientific bases subject to technical specifications in the fields of Freediving , SCUBA Diving and swimming instruction for all age groups. In addition to its supervision and management of family Sea Trips.


This sport differs from other sports in entering a world different from our world and the recognition of different creatures and strange creatures sometimes take your passion and curiosity to another level.

Alyam Company for Marine Services is proud to have the best Libyan experience in the field of scuba diving at the scientific and practical level. It always strives to provide the best and to produce batches of qualified divers with local and international certificates and certificates accredited by several international organizations.

Freediving Course

Alyam Company for Marine Services offers a comprehensive training program for the rehabilitation of psychologists and psychologists to compete in the blue world and its challenges, under the supervision of a group of trainers and local divers with great experience in this field.

Alyam Company for Marine Services adopts a comprehensive training policy to qualify trainees in all aspects including:

  • Mental rehabilitation: Provide manuals and special approaches to help the apprentice to understand the physiology of diving and its equipment and dangers and how to act and make good decisions and also identify the special equipment and how to choose the appropriate ones and the periodic maintenance of equipment.


  • Training and physical exercises: During the training period, the trainee undergoes several general exercises to help him build a good body that prepares the trainee and prepares him for this fun adventure and other special exercises that help the trainee to control and increase the rest of the breath and safe ways of diving safely without any dangers or injuries, God forbid.


  • Qualifying with confined water and open water: After completion of the theoretical side and proficient trainee exercises to prolong the self and other important skills begins trainee in the program of entry and apply exercises and lessons on the ground with limited water and proficiency skills of entry and swimming and diving and correct the safety and rescue methods, and then begin the apprentice in open water Under the supervision of specialized trainers and qualified and apply what he learned during the duration of the training company.

Scuba diving:

Scuba diving is one of the most adventurous and need more Adrenalin , diving with the possibility of underwater breathing by special equipment, and the need to dive by SCUBA to the training of scientific and practical, as the trainee is subjected to some theoretical lectures and practical exercises summarized in the following:

Mental training : The trainee learns about physical physics and diving, such as pressure and floating, as well as special equipment, how to choose what suits each person, simple periodic maintenance, and also the marine environment and its risks and how to preserve them and the most important challenges, risks and injuries that can occur and how to avoid them.

Confined and Open Water : After complete of the theoretical side and the training side, the trainee begins to enter the other world first with confined water to the training of the infantry and diving skills, as well as the emergency procedures and the task of determining the directions and perform well until the good workmanship and then start the last part is diving open water and know the other world first and then return Skills and emergency procedures and how to enter and exit the water in several ways and identify trends on the surface of water and in the depths.

Training and introduction of equipment : The trainee begins to identify the equipment first and how to choose the appropriate equipment and also the jaw and installation and periodic maintenance and then begin the trainee on the other side, physical training must be a scuba diver to be good fitness and good medical condition also after completion of the medical examination and then begin the trainee some Aerobics such as free swimming without equipment and swimming with snorkel and then with diving equipment.

Swimming : Alyam Company for Marine Services offers summer swimming courses for schools and marine clubs and is specialized for all ages (young – senior) in the summer season at various levels of level, introducing the trainee to the Mediterranean Sea, training on the correct methods of movement to the advanced level and practicing types and methods of swimming in confined and open water, Specialized swimming pool in enclosed pools and equipped with heating devices to provide the best environment for training and rehabilitation under the supervision of international experience and swimmers and receive medals and prizes locally and internationally.